Rhythm Recording Project


In this project we showed some rhythm making techniques such as Control Timing with Groove Tracks, follow the Rhythm of Another Track, and record Multipass Drum Beats. There was a couple more, but in order to see how you use those tools watch my video.

Recording Techniques Demonstrated

Terms and Concepts Defined

  • Meter – like a heart beat of a song
  • Pacing – rate of speed
  • Tempo – Beats per min. / The speed of music it should be played at.
  • Beat – Rhythmic unit in music or poetry / steady pulse of a song
  • Hip Hop – EDM (electronic dance music) and Rap / Rap with a beat
  • Out of the Pocket –  on beat in a song, but if your off beat then your Out of The Pocket.
  • Quantize – Getting on beat in music.
  • Single Take – One and down
  • Multipass Recording – recording as many times that you need.
  • Overdub – Recording other sounds for an existing track
  • C1 Octave Range – its a point on a keyboard that can go up.
  • Cowbell – Similar to a percussion instrument
  • Drum Kit – Cymbals, and other percussion instruments used with drumsticks
  • Kick Drum – bass drum in a kit of drums used with a pedal
  • Snare Drum – A small drum in the form of a short cylinder with a membrane at each end.
  • Drum Machine (808) – An electronic device programmable to imitate a drum kit
  • Loop – a sound that repeats seem less
  • Arpeggiation – playing notes one by one from a chord
  • Sound Effects – adding sounds to get an effect
  • One Shot Sound – recording sounds in one take


What I Learned

In this project I learned how to use new tools in Garage Band, so now I can use this tools to fix my projects I am working on in Garage Band.

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